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Automatic strap robot JD-600H

  • Needle: DPX5,11#~14#
  • Voltage: 220V single-phase 50 / 60Hz (must have ground)
  • Control devices: Micro-computer control
  • Air capacity: 0.5Mpa(5kgf/cm)
  • Dimensions: 128CM(L) × 128CM (W) × 168CM (H)
  • Net Weight: 230KG
  • Browse capacity: people have been concerned about
  • Hotline: 020-34131336
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Ordinary clothing and underwear manufacturing all kinds of piercing strap belongs to the fine work, artificial completed ordinary a 150-200mm strap, shall be 5 processes above, to be more than 2 division, cutting, sewing interspersed a to more buckle, sewing, again after wearing. Artificial is not easy to do, piercing strap various processes, cutting error, main factors of wasting time, capacity, consumption of materials affecting production.

The traditional manufacturing process, cutting, sewing and piercing with different length / width of straps, various types of woven fabric piercing strap, all kinds of designs lace piercings straps, must rely on manual. Because of low production efficiency, so the control quality And yield.

KEKI automatic  strap robot JD-600H, automated tailoring, sewing and piercing one-time different length / width straps, easily solve the hand piercing strap process is various, cutting error, time-consuming and labor-intensive, material consumption and other problems, reducing personnel, equipment investment and consumption and other costs, improve efficiency, achieve high productivity.

Start the micro computer control, one person can operate a plurality of automatic strap robot.

Round buckle and 8 buckle into the piercing process automatic font system.

Once complete, automated tailoring sewing and piercing different length / width straps.

Intelligent automatic settings, but the string between the adjustment round buckle and 8 buckle length for 50mm-200mm.


Keki automatic strap robot VS Traditioanal method

CategoryKeki automatic strap robot Traditioanal method
 Finished product



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Technological processKeki automatic strap robot operation (one-time)

1. Shear volume strap
2. The straps worn for the first time 8 buckle *2

3. *2 strap bartack

4. Strap to wear round buckle and 8 buckle *2

GST analysisMachine time

1. Shear volume strap

● Take the girdle

● Straighten the heal straps

● Alignment of strap length position

● Cut straps

● Put the strap

2. The straps worn for the first time 8 buckle *2

● Take the girdle

● Take 8 buckle pairing

● Hand wear buckle time

● Adjust the strap length

● Put the strap

3. *2 strap bartack

● Take the girdle

● To the presser foot

● An alignment bartack

● Bartack time

● Put the strap

4. Strap to wear round buckle and  8 buckle *2

● Take the girdle

● Take round buckles wear

● Hand wearing round buckle and 8 buckle time

● Put the strap

So the frequency of 2, two straps.

Standard working hours15.7 pcs / secIn 6 seconds + 18 seconds + 15 seconds + 21 seconds = 60 seconds / piece
Hourly output229 pcs/ hour60 pcs / hour
Increase production 282% 
Staffing1 days operable three machines can produce 6870 pieceTraditional methods need to configure the 11.5 people. People need to configure the 8.6 cut, 3 car date
Labor costAccording to 12 yuan / hour calculation, single 0.025 yuan / piece, save the cost of 0.175 yuan / piece, in 1 days (10 hours) can product 4800 pieces per person per day can save 840 yuan.According to 12 yuan / hour calculation, single 0.200 yuan / piece.
Quality caseStrap length uniform, work uniform, stable quality.Length of shoulder straps piercings is difficult to control, the needs of a variety of process to complete, quality is not stable.

Improved benefits:

•High quality: Quality control and stability, so as to ensure the quality of products.

•High efficiency: The use of Keqi high-speed automatic strap robot work efficiency is 254%, the efficiency is the traditional sharply to 1.5 times.

•Shorten the production cycle: Keqi high-speed automatic strap robot can complete the production of the products in a shorter period of time, thus shortening the whole production cycle.

•Improve on time delivery rate: Keqi high-speed automatic strap robot used in shortening the production cycle at the same time, it can guarantee the on time delivery to the customer.

•The difficulty of realization process automation: The realization of automation, reduct the operation diffictlty.

•Reduce the personnel and equipment: Reduce labor input, ease the labor tension, reduce the use rate of equipment and save maintenance cost to use, reduces the personnel can also reduce the staff dormitory, canteen, security and other personnel management cost.

•Cost reduction: Enhance the productive efficiency, space utilization, reduced staff reduction promotion so as to realize the water and electricity, rent, staff dormitory, canteen, security and other manufacturing costs and management fees.