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High-speed automatic stitching elastic robot XJ-311H

  • Needle: DP×5,11#~14#
  • Voltage: standard single-phase 220V AC
  • Control devices: the sequence controller
  • Air capacity: 0.5Mpa(72PSI)50L/min
  • Dimensions: 122 (L) × 122 (W) × 168 (H) cm
  • Net Weight: 266KG
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  • Hotline: 020-34131336
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Ordinary clothing factory producing all kinds of different length / width elastic , machanical manual operations require multiple steps, cut to length measured from the aligned, then to sewing mosaic. Manual operation process, macroscopic observation .The alignment, sewing and stitching elastic and the letter logo. The pattern is difficult, it is difficult to avoid errors, time-consuming, The consumption capacity, consumption of materials.

The traditional manufacturing a logo and monogram elastic, need more people rely on the division of labor, the sewing process manual, quality is guaranteed, the production efficiency Low, often rely on skilled to do.

KEKI high-speed automatic stitching elastic robot XJ-311H intelligent electronic eyes instead of human recognition of elastic logo and the letter position, precise alignment. High speed automatic cutting, stitching, one-time completion of multi needle sewing and automatic material receiving, achieve high productivity.

Intelligent touch screen set of elastic length, width and number, elastic through automatic transmission equipment.

High speed automatic cutting, stitching at the same time, multi needle sewing.

Enter the CCD device: electronic eyes recognition elastic logo and the letter position, combined with independent positioning display scanning amplifier, precision alignment.

KBC device: five rotary collector, for according to the preset order automatic material receiving 1-5 different lengths of elastic.


KEKI high-speed automatic stitching elastic robot  VS  Traditioanal method

CategoryKEKI high-speed automatic stitching elastic robotTraditioanal method
Finished product



Machinery equipment


Technological processKEKI high-speed automatic stitching elastic robot operation (one-time)

1. The amount of elastic shear

2. Stitching elastic

GST analysisMachine time

1. The amount of elastic shear

• BF2S  Take the elastic

• TZFP  Straighten the smooth elastic

Straighten the smooth elastic

• DZ1W Align the elastic length position

• JX1C Cut elastic

• BF1S Puta elastic

2. Splicing elastic

• BF2S Take the elastic

• CXZD Folding elastic

• TZFP Smooth elastic

• YZYJ To the presser foot

• KZHZ Control back to the needle

• TZFP Adjust the smoothing

• F3.8LB Sew 3.8 car at the end of

• KZHZ Back stitch

• KZDX Disconnection

• BF1S put

Standard working hours7.1 sec / pcs (elastic width of 38mm, the pattern width 8mm length 37.8mm, total 152 needles).In 3 seconds + 15 seconds = 18 seconds / pcs
Hourly output507 pcs / h200 pcs / hour
Increase production 154% 
Staffing1 days operable three machines can produce 15021 pieceOne day produce 15,021 traditional methods need to configure 7.5 people. 1.5 people need to cut, six car date.
Labor costAccording to 12 yuan / hour calculation, single 0.024 yuan / piece, save the cost of 0.036 yuan / piece, in 1 days (10 hours) can produce 5070 pcs each day, can save 184 yuan.According to 12 yuan / hour calculation, single 0.060 yuan / piece.
Quality caseElastic length of agreement, work uniform, stable quality.Elastic length need precise shearing quantity is difficult, the needs of a variety of process to complete, quality is not stable.

Improved benefits:

•High quality: Keki high-speed automatic stitching elastic robot automation to achieve consistent, quality control and stability, so as to ensure the quality of products.

•High efficiency: The use of Keki high-speed automatic stitching elastic robot work efficiency is 254%, the efficiency is the traditional sharply to 1.5 times.

•Shorten the production cycle: Keki high-speed automatic stitching elastic robot can complete the production of the products in a shorter period of time, thus shortening the whole production cycle.

•Improve on time delivery rate: Keki high-speed automatic stitching elastic robot used in shortening the production cycle at the same time, it can guarantee the on time delivery to the customer.

•The difficulty of realization process automation: The realization of automation, reduce the operation difficulty.

•Reduce the personnel and equipment: Reduce labor input, ease the labor tension, reduce the use rate of equipment and save maintenance cost to use, reduces the personnel can also reduce the staff dormitory, canteen, security and other personnel management cost.

•Cost reduction: Enhance the productive efficiency, space utilization, reduced staff reduction promotion so as to realize the water and electricity, rent, staff dormitory, canteen, security and other manufacturing costs and management fees.